House Renovations

Aah, Pittsburgh. It was fun fixing up this house but now it’s sold and, with luck, will not collapse on the current owner. I’m in Boulder, where I’m renting a smaller house for about 4x my mortgage payment in Pittsburgh. See, there are good things about the midwest.


This page shows a few summary pictures of parts of the house we’ve fixed up. You can see many more pictures in the gallery. To jump to the photo galleries, try starting at the house before purchase or the renovation pictures.


We’ve planted bushes, weeded the side and middle, removed the front storm door, terrible awning, and aluminum siding (the siding is barely visible in the left picture on the side of the porch). Pittsburgh has also gotten sunnier ;-)

We also repainted the garage

Lots of pictures of the process.


We also put in a new floor in the kitchen. Boy, you don’t learn something really well unless you’ve totally screwed it up first.

Picture gallery of floor installation.
Picture gallery of trim prep and paint.

At this point everything has been repainted. Some hard-won advice: Don’t hire your very well mannered viola student to paint that remaining trim you never got around to.

Living room

Some other stuff

In high school we had a teacher who talked about his “red door of death”. Here’s my version:

We now have a disposall. Really, there was no other easier pipe routing.