Fix my photo please!

For my graduation last year, my whole family went out to dinner and we have a great photo. Except for the lighting, that is. The grand concourse must have had some funny lights because the photo came out with a strong orange cast.

I don’t have a RAW capture, just this JPEG. If any of you knows how to adjust the color balance, I’d be incredibly grateful. Fixing it, teaching me how to fix it, or pointing me to a tutorial/book on how to fix it would all be appreciated.

Here’s what I have so far. These links are for the full size photos:

Funny lighting

My fix

EDIT 30 March 2008: Maja has fixed up the photo. I think it looks pretty good but it’s hard to get it perfect because of the funny lighting. All the versions are now here:



photo fix


It is a bit lighter here. looks more normal. hope that helps