Linux in da house

After helping my father and brother in the past few days remotely debug problems, I’ve realized how much I like being able to directly connect to a box and fix it, rather than read screens over a telephone. (NetMeeting is cool however).

So here’s a quick inventory of Linux boxen in our house:

  • durable: Our main server. Lives in the 2nd floor closet, hosts multimedia files, serves this web page, subversion repository, MythTV backend (with tuner), print server.
  • strong: Ironically named because it has a weak StrongARM processor and is the size of your palm. It is a Linksys NSLU2 box with a single USB hard drive living in the same closet. It holds my documents — just in case durable goes down.
  • duo2: My desktop machine
  • boobtube: The new MythTV/XBMC machine. Lives under the TV.
  • router: Yeah, one of our wireless routers runs ddWRT linux.

And I’ve set up another server in my parents’ house and one in William’s house. I’m experimenting with running linux under VMWare on my laptops.