ACM SigPlan style with latex on ubuntu

These are just some notes on how I got the ACM sigplan class style working with LyX under Ubuntu.

  • Install class file
    • Download class file
    • Save in /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/sigplanconf.cls (must be root)
    • Tell latex it’s there: sudo texhash
  • Reconfigure LyX
    • In Lyx, Tools->Reconfigure. Then restart LyX.
  • Open this LyX template

Strangely, after doing this (probably the texhash), my paper size changed to A4 from letter. To fix this:

  • su, then echo “letter” > /etc/papersize
  • sudo texconfig-sys and set paper size

Then, as is usual and baffling for me and Latex, the papers generated from LyX came out as A4 for a while, then went back to letter. I’m not sure if LyX is caching something somewhere, but that’s my guess.