Book proposal, wedding, OOPSLA, Pat visit

I’ve been making revisions to the book and outline to get it ready for the publisher. I think that’s all done now. He will send it out to a number of experts, who will report back on what they think the book’s prospects are. Kevin Bierhoff, Bradley Schmerl, and Alan Birchenough have been absolutely wonderful people — they have discussed the book content with me and have given me comments on how to improve the text. Thanks!

I’m off on Friday morning for a trip. First to Roanoke, VA for Mike Meredith’s wedding, then to Nashville for the rest of the week at the OOPSLA conference.

When I return to the Denver airport next Thursday, I’ll be picking up my old housemate Pat Riley who will be visiting for the weekend. It’ll be just like old times, except that we probably won’t visit Home Depot three times a day and knock down walls in the house.