Another chapter, yay!

This took a bit longer than expected since I went back and edited the previous chapter a bit. The new chapter, on Making Good Models, is attached and so is the revised version of Essential Modeling Relationships.

Tonight I’m starting on the Risk Profiles chapter, which will take a while since it’s brand new material, and because I have to pull together many sources. I also think the chapter organization needs some rework so that I don’t end up describing the techniques, but instead reference their description in the Reference section. Of course I could just write the description and later rework it into the reference section, and it’s always good to be making forward progress writing.

As always, comments or questions on any of this would be appreciated!


Edit 2008-10-25: Changed link to main book page.


Part I: Narrative

  1. Introduction
  2. Risk Profiles
  3. Essential Modeling Relationships
  4. Making Good Models
  5. Architecture Models
  6. Building an Architecture
  7. Working with Architecture Models

Part II: Essays

  1. Consistency
  2. Static and dynamic runtime models
  3. Things that are hard about software architecture
  4. Modeling frameworks
  5. Architecture anti-patterns
  6. MDE / DSM
  7. Product line architectures
  8. Architecturally evident coding style
  9. Separating concerns
  10. Architecture vs. Design
  11. Architecture Design Languages (ADLs)
  12. Using UML as an Architecture Description Language
  13. Humans as architecture analysis machines
  14. Architecture Hoisting
  15. History of Software Architecture
  16. Non-greenfield architecture
  17. The chief architect myth
  18. Working within management processes
  19. SME working sessions

Part III: Reference

  1. Model types
  2. Applying models
  3. Concepts
  4. Quality attributes
  5. Architectural styles