New amplifier

My old NAD 2600a amplifier has been failing for, literally, years. I recall the first problems back in the late 90’s. I now know that the source of the problem is that the old relays need to be replaced.

I just bought a used Aragon 2004 amplifier from Audiogon and I am so pleased. No buyer’s regret here. I first heard an Aragon amp back in 1991 or so, and it was the bigger brother to this amp, the 4004. I’m happy I got the, ahem, smaller 200 watt version instead of the 400 watt version. As it is, the power cord is as thick as my finger, and the sound is fantastic.

I’ve posted a few pictures of the new amplifier, but of course you really should be listening to it, like I am right now, at obnoxious volume.