"Smart People" movie

Last week I saw the movie Smart People, which I knew was filmed in Pittsburgh about 18 months ago. I was looking forward to seeing the movie since parts of it were filmed at CMU, but I was amazed to find out that it was filmed almost in my backyard. I was living at 327 S Negley Ave, shown with pin “A” on the map. Dennis Quaid’s character, a CMU English prof, was living at 411 S Graham St (pin “B”), and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, an ER doc, lived at the Essex House apartments at pin “C”. These are within a couple blocks of my house! I did see the movie setup stuff at the Essex House since it was on my path to and from CMU, but didn’t realize there was an even bigger filming going on at S Graham.

As far as a movie review, let me say it was enjoyable but not fantastic. But with the +1 modifier for being filmed in my old stomping grounds, it’s a must see.