Lists in LyX

In the LyX word processor, which I recommend highly for technical writing, the on-screen layout of lists is very spread out. You can fix that easily by editing your file, which you’ll find in /usr/share/lyx/layouts/ on linux, or in c:\Program Files\Lyx\Resources\layouts\ in Windows.

Just change ItemSep, TopSep, BottomSep, and ParSep to 0.0, and the bulleted lists become nice and compact.

Format 4
Style Itemize
        Margin                Static
        LatexType             Item_Environment
        LatexName             itemize
        NextNoIndent          1
        LeftMargin            MMN
        LabelSep              xx
        ItemSep               0.0
        TopSep                0.0
        BottomSep             0.0
        ParSep                0.0
        Align                 Block
        AlignPossible         Block, Left
        LabelType             Itemize
        LabelString           "*"

EDIT 9/2/2008:

It’s better to edit this in your preferences directory. Copy the file to your Lyx preferences directory (in Linux: ~/.lyx/layouts) and edit it there.