Comparative bad-assness

Yesterday I rode to the top of Flagstaff mountain again, and felt pretty good about it.

But my friend Chris made that accomplishment seem like a 12-ounce curl. Chris completed a half-Ironman triathlon, which required him to be on the move for 6 hours and 10 minutes. He swam for 45 minutes, biked for 2:51, and ran for 2:29. To give you an idea how hard that is, just during that event he burned 5450 calories. He’d dropped 20 pounds in the past several months training for this event. His wife says he’s not allowed to lose any more weight, yet he’s been eating cartons of ice cream between meals.

So congratulations to Chris!


But I was exhausted

I did get in that 6 hours and ten minutes of exercise in the HIM. And, by golly, I was exhausted when it was all over; it was a 70.3 mile day. Oh, but I only lost 10 pounds in the last year – I lost the first 10 couple years of triathlon training.