Software architecture book -- draft of introduction

A little milestone today: I have completed a draft of the introduction. Big deal, it’s just 9 pages. I found it quite difficult to write because it needs to connect to a variety of readers and to motivate the book’s content, while basing itself on previous work. Many revisions are in its future. But I’ll gladly accept any comments any of you have on it to make it better.

2008-10-25: I’ve updated the link to point to the current book draft


Hey George, call me a

Hey George, call me a dum-dum, but I can’t actually find this introduction anywhere… do I have to be logged in or something?


In other news, your CAPTCHAs also make me feel like a dum-dum.


Sorry, I thought attachments were visible to everyone, but it’s actually just people who are logged in. It’s now linked for your pleasure. Sorry about the CAPTCHAs :-(