I'm allergic to what?

I just got back from having my allergies tested here in Boulder. That’s the nice way of saying a nurse scratched my back with itchy stuff 60 times. Here are the top offenders, with severity:

17: Timothy
10: Maple
10: Orchard
10: Rye
10: Red Top grass
8: Bermuda grass
7: Alternaria
6: Blue Jane
6: Pigweed grass
6: Short ragweed

And some pretty much non-offenders:

2: Cat hair
2: Cat Pelt
1: Dog
2: AP Dog

So the moral of this story is that I’m allergic to Timothy Halloran.


I never knew

I never knew that a dog could take the Advanced Placement test…

guess I need to own up to

guess I need to own up to the snark – the Reuters dog hater was me, Kate P/B

or just the dogs from

or just the dogs from Reuters; and their news is never popular.

Whew! What a relief that

Whew! What a relief that you’re not allergic to AP dogs. Otherwise, you could only hang out with the really dumb dogs that barely graduated.

- Andy