Cheyenne Rodeo

Yesseree Bob, I went to the Cheynne Rodeo over the weekend. This included a number of firsts for me, listed in order of goodness:

  • First rodeo
  • First time in Wyoming (I think)
  • First time buying bed sheets at a carnival (I promise)
  • First visit to Sierra Trading Post outlet store (forgettable)
  • First attempt using cameraphone for Groupedia pics

You can see the rodeo pictures, or at least you can try to see them. Each picture has approximately 23 pixels. Remember, using the digital zoom on your camera is like using Stop-Leak in your car: only as a last resort.

Still, I had a great time there with Lisa and got to eat BBQ for lunch. On the way back we stopped in Longmont to see Prospect New Town, which is not only famous but is by far the most interesting use of a cornfield as housing that I’ve seen.