Flagstaff Mountain

If you ride up to Chautauqua, you can continue on the road up Flagstaff Mountain. To the very top it’s about 2500 feet, but I didn’t get quite that far today. I did get to the Lost Gulch Overlook, which has quite a nice view and is about 2/3rds the way up.

Good things about this ride:

  • On the way up, a lady in a car coming down said “Doing great! Keep it up!”. That beats my last run in Pittsburgh, where some buttmunch threw a rock and hit me between the shoulderblades.
  • Passed by a deer munching on grass about 10’ away from me.
  • I made it way farther than the Flagstaff House Restaurant, which was my goal.
  • I made it to the halfway point without going below 4th gear.