Getting back in shape

For those that don’t already know, Boulder is about a mile up from sea level. That, plus the fact that I’ve been slacking on proper exercise (loading and unloading trucks apparently does not count) means that running and biking have been a bit more difficult than I’d hoped.

I went for a 3 or 4 mile run along the Boulder Creek Trail on Wednesday evening. Today my legs feel tired, and my legs rarely feel tired from running. I guess I’m really out of shape. Cynthia invited me to bike up Flagstaff Mountain but I’m deferring that one until I can build back up to it. She just got done with a 6 day bike trip from Durango to Breckenridge, which is about 2700 miles, all uphill. My goal is to be able to bike to the top, about a 5 mile trip from the bottom and 7 miles from my house, with 1500’ gain (I think) within a month. I’ll keep ya posted.

And in other news, Laura and Carlo announced that they’re having a baby!