Friends and family update

Conard, my college roommate, has a bouncing baby girl. He has just completed his foreign service training and is working in Tijuana. His wife has finished her phd in anthropology (yay!) and Conard has just a few chapters left (yay!)

James, my other college roommate, is out of Iraq and living in Germany, working for the army as a major. I just saw him a few weeks ago.

Chris, my housemate in NC and CO, just finished up his MBA and has been accepted in to the phd program in Denver. He’s doing some triathlons this summer and trying to talk his wife Christine into moving to Cleveland for grad school. She seems to think that raising a child would be better. I think they can do both.

My brother Charles has been zipping all over the world for the past 18 months working for UBS, a Swiss bank.

My brother William is still in Chicago. He and his wife are expecting their third child, another baby girl, in a few months.

My father, who retired a few years ago as an engineer at P&G, has been dipping his toe into local politics. He’s running for Glendale city council, the 3000-person village where they live in Cincinnati. My mother, who previously ran someone else’s Glendale mayoral campaign, is providing some guidance. He even listens sometimes :-)

Also pregnant are Stacy and Ken, who have moved from Palo Alto into the nearby hills and a beautiful freestanding house. They are also due this fall.

Laura married Carlo in Italy over the summer. The pictures are beautiful.

My housemate Pat was also married the same day as Laura (what a coincidence!) to Mary and I got to be his best man. Pictures of his wedding are here.

My girlfriend Karin is in the Bahamas today with her mother. They are attending a family friend’s wedding. Karin and I helped her mother pack up her house in NJ and move to Florida a few months ago. Karin is in a phd program in psychology here in Pittsburgh where they really load the students down. Each semester next year she must teach a class (not just TA), take 3 classes, and be a therapist for 4-6 patients weekly. And then there’s summer school :-)

My current housemate Owen is working furiously on his phd. He hopes to be done by the end of 2007. I’m cheering for that but I’m nervous because it’s already August. His sister has started a phd at Cambridge.

I graduated in May, but you knew that already. I’m looking around for a job that can support my cushy lifestyle and appetite for sports cars. In the meantime I’m writing a book on software architecture. I’m also unsuccessfully trying to convince my next door neighbor, the one who owns the other half of this duplex, to reshingle the porch roof. There will be pictures.