Documentaries I recommend

Here are a bunch of documentaries that I highly recommend. I'm giving links that will help you get at the content but I'm not recommending that you use BitTorrent, but some of the content is hard to get in any other channel.Technology / Computers

  • "The Mother of All Demos". Doug Englebart's 1968 demo from PARC showing hypertext, mouse, and video conferencing. [Google Video]
  • Google Tech Talks. A seminar series at Google featuring lots of interesting emerging technologies. [Google Video]
  • How It's Made. Documentaries stitched together from manufacturing videos, describes how lots of common stuff like aluminum foil is manufactured. [Google Video] [BitTorrent]
  • Warplane (PBS). [BitTorrent] [NetFlix]
  • Who Killed the Electric Car? [NetFlix] [Amazon]
  • An Inconvenient Truth. [NetFlix] [Amazon]
  • Nova (PBS)

Society / Culture / Philosophy

  • Adam Curtis: The Power of Nightmares. [NetFlix] [Amazon] [BitTorrent]
  • Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self. [NetFlix] [Amazon] [BitTorrent]
  • Adam Curtis: Pandora's Box. (I haven't seen this yet) [NetFlix] [Amazon] [BitTorrent]
  • Alain de Botton: Status Anxiety. [NetFlix] [Amazon] [BitTorrent]
  • Alain de Botton: The Perfect Home. [NetFlix] [Amazon] [BitTorrent]
  • Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. Primer on many of Noam Chomsky's political ideas. [Amazon] [NetFlix] [BitTorrent].
  • This Film is Not Yet Rated. [NetFlix] [Amazon]
  • Frontline


  • Thomas Jefferson (by Ken Burns). Short at just 3 hours. [NetFlix] [Amazon]
  • The Mormons (PBS American Experience). 4 hours and very informative. I've known lots of Mormons but didn't know the history of the church or the details of their beliefs. [NetFlix] [BitTorrent]
  • Frontline: From Jesus to Christ. The beginnings of the Christian church. [BitTorrent]
  • The Fog of War [NetFlix]

Please, I'm quite open to new suggestions, so email them to me or post a comment.