Arrgh! More hard drive failures

After the last hard drive failure in the server, I decided to buy what I thought was the highest quality drive possible, so I got a Seagate ES (Enterprise Storage) drive. That was six months ago, and here we are again with another failed drive. All the important things are backed up (and it was mostly a backup drive itself) but it’s just a pain to have to restore everything. I didn’t really lose anything other than recorded TV shows, because pictures and music were backed up elsewhere.

It appears to be a bearing failure, since it’s audibly noisy now. It was well ventilated, on a UPS, and reported a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius before failure.

So I think I’m going to try RAID, just to avoid some of the rebuilding hassles. I can’t wait for solid state storage at a reasonable price (and it’s coming…)