Book good; George sick

I’ve been battling with the third chapter for what feels like forever. In reality it’s probably been just over a month, and I went to OOPSLA and had to do some edits for the publisher, but it really feels like a long time. The good news is that I completed a draft of it today and it doesn’t suck (it was sucking for a while). I’ll return to it in a few days and wordsmith the text, but I think the content is ok.

Things are moving ahead with the publisher. The first two reviews came back quite positive, so we’re looking at contract details. Funny thing is that both of my brothers negotiate contracts for a living. I should just outsource that part of it. It feels pretty good that people like my book so far — you never really know until you put it out there.

But I’m sick. It started around 2am last night and I’m really run down. We’ll see if this is just a bad cold or the flu. Funny thing is that it’s been so long since I was sick I kinda forgot how much it sucks. I think I’m ordering pizza for dinner and I’ve got 3 Netflix movies, plus some 30 Rock, because my brain is mostly idling while my immune system is doing all the hard work.

Yesterday Boulder was one degree shy of a record high temperature. It was in the 70’s and beautiful. There is some nasty storm moving in tonight, so the forecast is freezing drizzle. After that we’ll be still clear, but colder.

Stay well!