I’ve been getting back into running on the Boulder Creek Trail and have seen more critters than ever before. Last night I saw a fox at the intersection with Broadway (a pretty busy place). He saw me and was trotting a bit ahead, planning to make a left turn, but then he saw there was another guy coming down from that direction, so he trotted along farther, maybe for 30 seconds. I’m not sure I’ve seen a fox for more than a few seconds before.

The week before, I saw two female deer near the intersection with the high school. Then later in the week, a buck with I think 5 points was on the bridge above me that connects the high school football field with the high school. He stopped in the middle of the bridge and watched me run along, then ducked his head and antlers underneath a beam and walked off of the bridge.

There’s also an unidentified critter that might be a raccoon or skunk that I’ve seen twice farther down the trail, but scoots away before I can identify it.

Seeing all these critters is nice because in the past I’ve only seen them once the trail gets out of town, and that means running a whole lot farther than I’m able to right now.