KDE SVN service menu

Installing KDESVN gives you a right-click menu so that you can check things into and out of SVN, but you have to navigate Actions->Subversion->Update. Woe, I could grow old and grey (ha) with all the time spent navigating such menus. Here’s how to move the Update and Commit items to the top level.

Tutorial on service menus in kde

Create a file in this location:

Here are the file contents:

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action Update]
Name=SVN Update
Exec=kdesvn exec update %U

[Desktop Action Commit]
Name=SVN Commit
Exec=kdesvn exec commit %U


kdesvn context menu in Konqueror

I don’t get the context menu. I’ve tried re-installing kdesvn many times. I added your entries to the services menu. But commit still doesn’t work. It brings up the commit gui, but when I click “ok”, the gui just vanishes. Then, do do anything by command line, I need to run svn cleanup.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Ariel


Sorry, here we are 4 years later and I’ve pretty much given up on KDE. Perhaps I should try it again. Good luck!