I paid the Google

This week I got an email from NASA asking about the price of my course so I asked how they found me. Turns out it was a simple google search. So I decided I should probably have an advertisement on google too, so I learned a bit about AdWords. Honestly they don’t describe how the cost works very well and instead encourage you to just say how much you’re willing to spend, and they’ll do their best to spend it.

Today I got my first click-through, which cost me $0.44. Google’s estimate was up to $3, so here’s another thing I don’t understand. That’s alright so long as it isn’t too expensive, and I might even find a client!

The ad says “Architect” instead of “Architecture” because of the 25 character limit, just like the SEI ad does. If you have a suggestion on how to make the ad better, please let me know. I think the 2nd and 3rd lines can be 38 characters each.

BTW, if you do find my ad, that’s great, but please don’t click on it. Really, just let me buy you a beer instead. In fact, I promise to buy you a beer if you link to my website describing it as a good place to get software architecture training! (Ah, the games we play for google ranking).