Bought a new camera

After going to James’ wedding empty-handed since I wasn’t going to lug the SLR around and my old small camera had been STOLEN by the bastards who broke into my car during my last 45 minutes in Pittsburgh, I realized that I need to get another one. And Owen’s wedding is coming up. Here’s a brief summary of my hellish descent into cameras.

I bought a top-rated bargain compact camera for $105 instead of my ideal choices at around $400.

I got at Panasonic LS8. It “won” the dpreview budget camera shootout. It wasn’t first, but it had the best low-light performance and was runner-up overall. DP Review of Panasonic LS8

If I was flush with cash and didn’t care about putting it in a pants pocket, get the Panasonic LX3 ($450). I think if I could get the LX3 for $350, which should be possible later this year, I’d have done that. But it’s hard to find at all, and around $450. DP Review of Panasonic LX3

If it has to fit in a pocket, get the Fuji F200EXR ($380). It has a wacky new sensor design that gives good low-light performance. Few professional reviews out yet, as it’s brand spanking new. Fuji F200EXR on Amazon

The problem seems to be as manufacturers have gone to 12MP in the past couple years they’ve sacrificed low-light performance, with many complaining that their older 4-6MP cameras took better party photos. Everything takes good photos in daytime, pretty much.

The following review below from Amazon is very informative. I’d figured out most of this already but it took me a couple days of research. Amazon review of Fuji F200EXR by Dennis Smith

Ok, so decision is done. I’m the decider. We’ll see later this week if I’m happy.