Another chapter bites the dust

I wrapped up the chapter on Architecturally Evident Coding Style, an idea originated by David Garlan. He suggested that while architects have an idea of how the system is organized (the architecture), it could be implemented in source code in many ways. Some of those ways are easier to read and re-understand the big picture. This chapter elaborates the idea and provides code examples and a short catalog of patterns for making it work.

I’ll need to let the chapter sit for a few days then proofread it. In the meantime I’ll work on the last body chapter from the first half of the book. I hope to have that and the conclusion (half written already) finished before heading out on my big trip (Cincinnati, Owen wedding, CMU graduation) in early May.


Cool. Is this an example


Is this an example of architecturally evident coding?
Using design patterns and giving your methods and classes names that make the design pattern explicit. E.g., a class TemperatureObserver or a method, widgetFactory().



Yes, you’ve got it right. And to abuse you more now I’ll send you a copy of the chapter :-)